how about this coralaw prompt? kiss on the forehead <3 (maybe with young!law?)


Omg yess this is so cute!

Coralaw under the cut…

When it happened it was brief, affectionate, and took the dark haired male completely by surprise. Sure, Corazon was fairly affectionate with him, but a kiss on the forehead was something else entirely.
A strangely warm feeling bubbled up within him.
“What was that for,” Law asked, and Corazon looked at him as if he had grown a second head.
“For being you, I guess,” he replied after a moment and put a lit cigarette to his lips.
Law just shrugged it of as another one of his precious person’s quirks, and pointedly ignored the blush that had spread across his cheeks.




4月チャリア(とお知らせ) by itz

"We don’t form attachments like mundanes do (…) The bonds between us tend to be intense and unbreakable (…) Look at our father. Your mother betrayed him, and he still spent the rest of his life waiting to find her again and convince her to come back to him. That whole closet full of clothes …"

Tiffany as a pink power ranger 


The infernal devices are without pity. The infernal devices are without regret. The infernal devices are without number. The infernal devices will never stop coming.